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Student Life


2 Football players facing off over football.
West Salem student in swim competition.
Students playing volleyball. One player is spiking the ball over the net.
Tired student running in the cross country tournament.

Athletics Quicklinks


Student plays D&D at a table.
Student sings along with bass player.
Students playing Lacrosse
Learning how to make a drum.
students playing water polo

Activities Quicklinks


3 graduates smile together in their caps and gowns.
South students sit in rows waiting for their turn to cross the stage.
Prom sign using cardboard and clothesline clips.

Graduation and other Information for Seniors

Senior Info

Get Involved!

A variety of activities are available to middle and high school students at their neighborhood schools. Students are encouraged to become involved in the whole school experience in and outside the classroom. 

Why School Programs and Clubs are Important for Students:

Appealing to Colleges

Colleges like to see students involved in extra-curricular activities. It means that they are well rounded and understand how to balance life with schoolwork.

Improved Academics

A survey conducted by the Minnesota State High School League in 2007 and reported by the NFHS found that the average GPA of a high school athlete was 2.84, while a student who was not involved in athletics had an average GPA of 2.68.

Safe Fun

Teenagers need stimulation, and if they don’t play a sport or do some other extra-curricular activity, they will find that stimulation elsewhere. Sometimes this can lead to unsafe behaviors.

School Spirit

Students involved in school programs find a sense of belonging and are more likely to have a positive outlook on school. 

Social Bonding

Teens who play a sport or are involved in a club will most likely bond with their peers. This improves their social skills.