MacBook Pro Quick Guide Set Up Tutorial

New Student Orientation Guide for Macintosh

Step-by-step Mac instructions for setup

  1.  Connect to your Wifi. (Located in the top right corner.)
  2. Enter your SKPS email using your Student Number (SID):
  3. Re-Enter your Student Number (SID) and password. (See Password Reminders sidebar!)
  4. Click and drag all the apps from the dashboard to the trash.
  5. Open Launchpad.
  6. Swipe right to find the following apps: Google Chrome and
    1. Click and drag these apps to your dashboard at the bottom.
    2. Exit Launchpad.
  7. Open Google Chrome to sync your SKPS account.
    1. Click “Start Google Chrome”.
    2. Click “Use Chrome”.
    3. Click “Person 1”.
  8. Type in your SKPS provided email (just like Step 2). > Click “Next”.
  9. Type SKPS provided password then click “Next”.
    1. Password is case sensitive
    2. Password format is first initial, last initial (if you have two name it will only be the first name’s initial not both), birth month, birth date, birth year (no zeros are needed for one-digit dates.)
    3. Example: ab122007 or ab12232007
  10. Click “Continue” button.
  11. Click “Yes, I’m in!”.
  12. Close all extra open pages/tabs using red dot in top left corner.

Your MacBook is now set up for EDGE!

Once you open Canvas it will provide a tutorial on how to use the app.

Download the Mac Starter Guide

The PDF of the Mac Guide includes step-by-step instructions with images along with helpful tips regarding Canvas, Zoom, and screen sharing.

new student orientation guide for student orientation guide for Macs.