High School Registration Adjustments

EDGE enrollment has surprised us at every step.  With approximately 7,000 students taking advantage of this opportunity, it has been overwhelming to our larger system.  We are still adjusting to this amazing interest with some adjustments to high school students’ schedules needing to occur during the remainder of this week.

For some of our students this may mean that they will be enrolled in a comprehensive distance learning elective class with their home school peers.  Please know that students enrolled in CDL electives will still complete all of their elective learning virtually but it will be following the CDL schedule for teacher guided instruction days and having a check-in and office hours on Monday.

We anticipate the majority of schedule changes and the addition of classes to be complete by Friday, September 25 and students should see adjustments by Monday, September 28.  A few lingering specialized schedule changes may continue after this point.  We thank you for your patience as we “right size” this issue.

Schedule Adjust