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AVID @ EDGE High School

Recruitment: Join Us!

We are continuing to recruit and accept new students into our AVID classrooms. If you are interested in learning how to apply please email for information. We would love to have your student!

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AVID. Proven achievement. Lifelong Advantage.

Avid Mission

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

EDGE AVID Students Love Field Trips!

Students had a blast touring the Chemeketa Brooks Regional Training Center in the Fall. 

Our AVID students headed to Forest Grove for a fantastic tour of Pacific University in April!


AVID Field Trips 2023-24

title slide for field trip pictures for AVID HS students at EDGE
intro slide for Brook Regional Training Center field trip

EDGE HS AVID students visited Brooks Regional Training Center, part of Chemeketa Community College, in the Fall of 2023 learning about careers such as:

  • Public Safety
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Diesel Technology
  • Building Inspection
  • Emergency Medical Services
two AVID students showing off their dirty hands at an in person field trip

EDGE AVID students take a moment to show they know how to get their hands dirty as they learn about hands-on careers

students gathered around CCC EMT demonstation

Practical Learning

EDGE students got to see firsthand what EMT classes look like

students viewing a career presentation and in a line handling EMT equipment at a field trip

Thanks to those who shared their knowledge with us!

intro slide for visit to Pacific University

EDGE HS AVID students visited Pacific University, in the Spring of 2024.

students walking on campus--two images

EDGE high school AVID students touring the Pacific University Campus

AVID teacher and chaperone talking about the visit to Pacific University

"I would definitely go again. Very insightful. The students seemed very pleased with the campus and life. Lunch was delicious! So many options and buffet style…” --AVID teacher and chaperone talking about the visit to Pacific University

students sitting in a small stadium-style college lecture room

EDGE high school AVID students experiencing a lecture hall at Pacific University

recruitment info for AVID at EDGE program

Join AVID!

We are continuing to recruit and accept new students into our AVID classrooms. If you are interested in learning how to apply please email for information. We would love to have your student!

AVID in 2023-24

College-Ready Practice

In October, AVID students participated in the PSAT/ACT/SAT testing in their resident schools! 

Why take the PSAT?

  • You get a good sense of your future SAT score.
  • You can target areas you need to practice for the SAT.

Peer Mentoring all year!

Our AVID students have been busy going into the elementary and middle school classrooms peer mentoring students. Not only are both sets of students enjoying the camaraderie, academic success is also noticeable!

 Guest Speakers!

Speakers and topics 2023-24 included:
  • Domo Lawrence - Salem Capitols  Basketball
  • Mary Stade - Salem Capitols Basketball
  • Fred Thompson - Vietnam Veteran
  • Bart Dedillo - MAPS Credit Union

Student Reactions to Speakers

I enjoyed Domo as a speaker much more than most because his story wasn't perfect, there were ups and downs in his life, but he kept pushing through those challenges and still had a good outlook on life, And that's the goal I have in life, is to keep pushing through life with a smile.


Domo helped me give some thought towards advocating for myself and jumping through the hoops I need in order to become the person I want to be. It's sometimes hard to gain the motivation to do something like that, but having someone back you up and support you helps me out a lot.


Fred had a really amazing background that many would not be able to last in, so I honor him for going through all that and still speaking fondly of it. I loved how at the end he said the older you get the more wise you become..truly makes me feel better about growing up.

We are excited to have more community members and mentors visit our AVID classes second semester, sharing their knowledge and passion around specific careers.