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High School

Maroon graduation hat with an E for the top representing EDGE program

I have made some mistakes and getting through school has been hard for me but I am so grateful that the people at EDGE gave me a chance to finish up my schooling and I am so grateful for all of the people involved with the program. 12th grader EDGE HS

My ADHD has developed from grade school chattiness to having a hard time completing everyday tasks. I’ve always been a very social person but when I stepped in my high school I felt so out of place.… Now that I’m online I feel so cared for. 9th grader EDGE HS

The last couple years in the EDGE program has really helped him to find his voice and open his mind to the infinite possibilities for his future. Again, thank you very much!  Parent EDGE HS

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1075 8th Street NW
Salem, OR 97304
(In the portable next to Walker Middle School)

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