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Can my student still get breakfast and lunch from the school if enrolled in the EDGE program?2020-08-21T10:19:07-07:00

Yes! Breakfast and lunch are available to qualifying students. Contact your neighborhood school for Grab-n-Go times and protocols. 

Will students be eligible to play sports if enrolled in EDGE?2020-08-21T10:25:37-07:00

Yes, EDGE students will be able to participate in their resident-school or are on an in-district transfer (IDT) to a different school. Example: if a student is on an IDT to McKay, they are eligible to play sports in McKay athletic programs.

If my child has a TAG plan, will they be supported through EDGE?2020-08-21T10:22:04-07:00

Yes. Students who have a TAG plan will receive necessary supports to meet their needs.

How will students be connected to extra-curricular activities in the EDGE program?2020-08-21T10:20:01-07:00

Students will have access to after-school activities and sports through their school. We know the importance of electives such as band, orchestra or art is for all students. We are currently working on determining how to make opportunities such as these available to our EDGE students and will update you as we develop solutions.

Will AVID be offered in the EDGE program?2022-03-10T11:26:41-08:00

Yes, students in grades 6-12 can be in AVID electives, and in grades K-5 we use AVID instructional strategies so EDGE is the only K-12 Avid Program in the district.

Will AP and/or IB courses be offered in the EDGE program?2022-03-10T11:27:45-08:00

Although a full range of course offerings may not be available, some AP courses will be options for students. Due to IB certification constraints, EDGE may not be able to offer IB courses; however, we are continuing to explore how to make these options available for our EDGE students.

How will students learning English be supported in the EDGE program?2022-08-03T15:56:38-07:00

Students who are English learners have supports in multiple ways.

  • Online curricula translate into multiple languages.
  • Explicit English language development services will be provided.
  • The EDGE academy is teacher-led, and instruction can be structured and differentiated to meet the needs of English learners.
  • Students in K-5th grade if qualified they can have Bilingual Spanish education
How will students receiving Special Education Services be supported in the EDGE program?2022-03-10T11:28:26-08:00

Students with IEPs may participate in EDGE though the services and accommodations may look different than they did in a traditional classroom. We will work with families who select EDGE for the 2022-23 school year to determine if revisions to the IEP are necessary to support student success. We will have special education teachers who will be working exclusively in EDGE and supporting students in the EDGE program, specializing in how to meet the needs of students in their caseloads in the online platform.

Will the EDGE program be available post-pandemic?2020-08-20T13:14:19-07:00

EDGE will continue to be an option for students for years so come. Regardless of the pandemic, we know that one learning model does not serve all students and providing options for students to access their education will continue.

If my student is enrolled in the EDGE program what will their diploma say when they graduate?2022-08-03T15:55:06-07:00

Students in the EDGE program are duel enrolled at their resident school. They will graduate with their resident school peers and will have their resident school name on their diploma and transcript. However, EDGE will host a graduation celebration. Be watching our website for additional details.

Will students have in-person contact with their peers and teacher/s through EDGE?2022-08-03T16:00:00-07:00

There may be occasional and optional opportunities for students to have in-person contact with their peers and teachers, such as field trips or special celebrations.

What will be expected of my student if they enroll in EDGE?2020-08-20T13:08:43-07:00

EDGE is teacher-led instruction mixed with family-supported and independent at-home application and learning. Students will be expected to attend synchronous sessions, to engage in learning each school day, and to work toward mastery of all standards for a course or content area. 

For Kindergarten-2nd Grade

K-2 students will spend about 60-90 minutes of their time online in teacherled and independent learning. The balance of daily learning is supplemented with independent and familysupported practice and learning. 

For Grades 3-12

Students in grades 3 – 12 are more independent and will spend more time on the computer engaged in learning and activities. The balance of daily learning is supplemented with independent and family-supported practice and learning. 

What are the benefits of the EDGE online learning program?2020-08-20T13:06:56-07:00

EDGE Online LearningWhat are the benefits of the EDGE?

  • Teacher-led instruction
  • High quality, well-rounded, rigorous learning opportunities, including instructional supports, English language development support, and extensions 
  • Regular connections with your school  
  • Focus on student identity, belonging, and well-being
  • Access to social-emotional supports such as counselor and behavior specialist
What is the difference between EDGE Connected Pathway and EDGE Independent Pathway?2022-08-23T15:26:01-07:00

EDGE Connected Pathway: EDGE Connected is for families who want access to a live teacher in a more structured virtual classroom setting, where EDGE sets the daily schedule. Primary delivery of instruction will be an EDGE teacher and the family will provide support and monitoring. Live instruction will occur daily.

EDGE Independent Pathway: EDGE Independent is for families who want more flexibility in their daily schedules. The EDGE teacher provides access to instructional materials which the student progresses through independently.  Family is the primary support with access to a teacher for additional assistance as needed.

For additional information about the different pathways, please review our ‘about us’ page. 

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