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Preparing & Applying to College

Tips for Successful College Admissions

If you are applying to selective schools, selective majors, selective scholarships and/or want to study out of state, you must begin college research your Junior Year! 

  1. Plan to apply early for at least some of your colleges/schools. Many college applications will open by August 1st. Some schools offer merit grade based money with early action deadlines. Only push in an early application if you have put your best you forward.

  2. Ask your teachers for letters of recommendation and do your counselor data sheet, ideally by June 1st, at the end of Junior year and before your Senior year.

  3. Research: your schools, their application deadlines, application requirements, your desired major, and the college/university scholarships. Keep a notebook with 1 page for each school.

  4. Bookmark/save all internet links for college information you want to access again later.