Enhanced Digital and Guided Education

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Flexible learning schedules for grades K-12

Stay connected with your school

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Promotes independence and partnership with peers

Real-time interaction with Salem-Keizer teachers

What is EDGE?

Enhanced Digital and Guided Education

EDGE is a robust online learning program for students in grades K-12 that is deeply connected to their schools and powered by Salem-Keizer Public Schools. Utilizing a new enhanced learning experience for students and families, EDGE students will be connected to high quality, rigorous and well-rounded learning opportunities, including instructional supports, English language development support and more.

Build an Individual Plan

With EDGE, we believe that each student’s educational journey is unique—and all students perform better when they receive supportive individual attention in a safe learning environment.

Once a student enrolls in EDGE, our staff will discuss each individual child’s strengths and evaluate previous school performance to inform and guide the best personalized online learning approach. Our staff will set individual goals to match the student’s personal and academic skills and establish a workable timeline to meet those goals.

Empower Students and Families

When parents take an active role in education, students prosper—that’s why we empower and collaborate with parents. With the EDGE program, parents can be closely involved in their child’s daily education. They’re able to see real progress every day using our online learning system and working with supportive SKPS teachers to keep their students on track.

Energize Student Engagement

Students are motivated to learn when they see relevance to real world applications. Because EDGE is directly connected to your student’s school, kids that choose to enroll in this program will have the benefit of pacing their own learning while having the flexibility to work, volunteer and care for others, while also having a variety of options for socialization and developing friendships and participating in a variety of clubs, sports and activities at their school.

Is online learning right for my student?

Online learning requires a commitment and effort from families and students. We encourage you to consider the information below before applying. Many families may check boxes in each of the categories below, and that’s okay! If you have any questions about the EDGE program or if it will be the right fit for your child, please email us.

EDGE is a good fit for my child

  • My student is an independentdisciplined learner. 

  • Our family can support my student’s learning at-home.

  • My student is excited about learning at their own pace.

  • My student has access to the Internet.

  • My student is comfortable using computers and reading online.

  • My student can follow a schedule.

  • My student seeks help when needed.

EDGE may be a good fit for my child

  • I feel confident about my student’s chance for success in online learning.
  • Schedule flexibility would be a major benefit for my student.
  • If my student could work at their own pace, they would perform better.
  • With our family support, my student can follow a schedule.
  • My student likes to spend time on a computer.

  • My student has regular access to the Internet.

EDGE may not be the best fit for my child

  • Online learning is a ‘last resort’ for my student.
  • I want something easier or faster than in-person learning for my student.
  • My student does not usually ask for help on their own.
  • My student does not like to spend time on a computer.
  • We are expecting or prefer a lot of online video lectures.
  • My student struggles to follow a schedule and tends to procrastinate.